Actually, it would have been for Willi Herren (43) and his wife Jasmine Jenewein (39) a relaxing couples ‘ weekend to be in St. Anton in Tyrol (A). The Couple took part in a recording of the RTL II Show “aprés Ski Hits 2019” part, and stayed afterwards in a Hotel in the Ski Village. But the evening started quiet, ended up for those wine in the hospital.

As the wife of the Schlager-Stars whether you woke up in the middle of the night, because in your room the lights were burning. Her husband: gone without a trace. “I couldn’t sleep. Then I went to the Lobby, then decided to go for a walk, and passed a Bar,” says men’s. “I was there, contrary to my habit – I drink for many months only very rarely and then a little alcohol to drink. Much too much, so I was drunk.”

Jenewein husband pulled by the hair from a Strip Club

The Bar was, according to the “image” of a Strip Club, things that did not fit those of wine. You’ve pulled the singer “to the newly transplanted hairs from the Strip Club”. In front of the restaurant, it had come to a head. Those wine have given men a slap in the face that you’ve beaten then twice in the face. So hard, that those of wine after that, even with an injured nose and a bleeding lip to the local hospital. The police filed a still in the night’s display against men. According to the officials of the Schlager was drunk-Star strong, but not aggressive.

“I’m sorry, public,”

in the Meantime, men are remorseful. In a Statement, he says that he did not remember correctly the events. “I don’t know that I got drunk under control and happy times right stupid commit, I remember the next day. What I know is that I found myself in a Club and my wife was perfectly right in a scene. I did the wrong and can apologize to my wife only in public.”

His wife, the pop Star, who underwent several times a alcohol and drug withdrawal, an Ultimatum: “Either Willi’s in therapy, or I’ll divorce you.” Those wine take a break from your husband in order to process the Whole thing. (klm)