In France homeless people were in distress

one conversation. At the time, he worked as a technician in a clothing factory and after its closure was unemployed. Sat on the Dole, began to drink, went scandals in the family. So seven years ago was on the street. Got used. Coins, as confessed Roger, was mostly on the “Pinar”, in our “tangle-legs”, and food can be obtained at the point of supply, which arranged various charity associations.

and now? I asked, surprised to see him in the same place, when on the day we were in the area – the deserted, like other Metropolitan areas after the introduction of strict quarantine measures, the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Photo: EPA/JULIEN DE ROSA In France for violation of the quarantine fined 92 thousand people

– could not be Worse – is responsible. – The people sitting at home, which means I have an empty pocket. Moreover, closed public toilets, a café where you can drop in as needed. With food, too bad. Paris has turned into some kind of phantom, but I do and I like it – like a zombie.

And, indeed, unprecedented and frightening sight represents the current capital of France. The streets and squares with almost no passers-by, only the police and here and there occasionally. SDF “persons without a certain residence”. Our homeless.

“Stay home!” – the appeal made by the authorities to the French for them is absurd. They gladly would have done, but how to do it those who do not have to determine your angle? Therefore, the requirement for all dared to leave the apartment to have a corresponding written explanation, not the fine (now fifteen thousand euros), homelessness is perceived as a mockery.

Claudette, also among the “victims of life’s shipwreck”, but nevertheless, concocted this “certificate”. On a piece of cardboard wrote: “Solemnly declare that I, Claudette, born 7/9/64, needs to stay on the street day and night, because no residency I have. This is despite the fact that the macron promised to find housing for me and my 200 thousand comrades.”

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I don’t know what was the reaction of the guards to move Claudette, but the face and such as he in Paris until they started to pull. But in other cities, particularly in Lyon and Bayonne in South-West France, the homeless zealous Ajani wrote some fines. Apparently, as a warning, knowing full well that the Treasury a penny from them do not get.

the Situation is threatening and that look, those rejected in the future may trigger epidemiological collapse. This is not to mention the illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, located in several separatist shanty towns with their terrible unsanitary conditions that are scattered in the North-East of Paris.

Not a little alarmed by the Association, that from year to year trying to alleviate their plight. “The coronavirus has primarily homeless, and so they, like adults, should be given priority,” says Florent Guéguen, head of the Federation, which unites over 800 charitable institutions of various kinds. But their chances, already slim, in the current environment have been severely eroded: due to fear of Contracting many of the volunteers refuse to work with the homeless and uninvited foreigners that live in tent slums.

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Well, as the French authorities? In principle, they are aware of the risks associated with the homeless. And, we note, could be more if Emmanuel macron is not extended for two months the “winter truce”. It was supposed to end March 31 – the period after which property owners are usually permitted to evict heavily indebted tenants, and their many thousands. In addition, the Julien Denormandy, the Secretary of state responsible for housing, recently announced that the country’s requisition for two thousand hotel rooms to resettle the homeless, open centers for those who are already infected. In turn, the Paris city Council is ready to provide 14 school gym halls for temporary space in addition to those that already exist. However, according to Florent Guéguen, all this is “just a drop in the sea”.

At least the plight of the face are comrades in misfortune as in other cities of France and other European countries. Moreover, the situation is aggravated by another influx of refugees, as happened in Greece. Only on the island of Samos in the camp for up to 600 people, now has accumulated 12 times more people. If he gets COVID-19, convinced the island branch of the organization “Doctors without borders”, it will be “a disaster”.