In Finland, Lithuania, Israel and several other countries, the first recorded death from COVID-19

in several countries, where previously hospitalized cases of novel coronavirus infection COVID-19, recorded the first deaths. So, about the first death from the coronavirus according to the national Institute of health and social development of Finland. The deceased – an elderly resident of Helsinki. It is clarified that the patient died on Friday, March 20. At the moment, the diagnosis of “coronavirus” set 521 inhabitant of Finland.

the Ministry of health of Lithuania has confirmed the first death associated with the novel coronavirus. And COVID-19 was diagnosed after the patient’s death on Friday. It is known that elderly people, course of disease was complicated by chronic illnesses. It is unknown how the patient contracted the coronavirus, and if he had any contacts with other people. According to one version, the deceased patient could be infected in the hospital ukmergė, where he was treated – before the virus has infected employee of the clinic. Mayor of the district of Roland Anicas not confirmed this version, however, did not rule out this possibility.

In Israel, died 88-year-old local resident, was hospitalized a week ago in serious condition, the newspaper “Jerusalem post”. Another 10 people are in serious condition.

In the United Emirates died the first two patients, previously hospitalized with coronavirus. One of the dead, 78-year-old man, amid coronavirus had a heart attack. Another patient, 58-year-old man, suffered from heart problems and kidney problems.

Also about the two deaths reported and the Ministry of health of Singapore. Died 75-year-old woman and 64-year-old man. Both had chronic problems with the heart.

the First deaths as a result of disease of a new type of coronavirus was registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius and Paraguay.

In the world are already infected more than 286 thousand people, almost 12 thousand have died. In Russia, according to Worldometers, 306 ill.