According to the police, a number of properties in Thuringia are particularly at risk. They are under surveillance – and the police have extended powers in their area.

Several hundred properties in Thuringia are given special protection by the police. According to the Ministry of the Interior in Erfurt, there is at least the abstract risk in these cases that criminal offenses will be committed on or in these buildings or in their vicinity. There are a total of 386 such objects in Thuringia, according to a response from the Ministry of the Interior to a request from the state parliament member Sascha Bilay (left). They would be “subject to police protective measures of different types”.

The Ministry does not provide any precise information on what protective measures these are. According to information from police circles, there can be different security measures depending on the property: police patrols could, for example, drive to the individual properties more often than usual. Also, officials could be assigned solely to protect these properties – conspicuously or very unobtrusively.

The real estate in question is of a wide variety of types. Among other things, this includes party, constituency and parliamentary offices, memorials, cemeteries, properties of the state government and the state parliament, communal accommodation for refugees and also real estate used by religious communities, writes the Ministry of the Interior in its answer . “Further information on specific police protection objects or measures cannot be given for security reasons,” says the answer.

Among the objects that received particular attention were 54 objects from the right-wing scene, which were classified as so-called endangered places, according to the response from the ministry. 21 objects assigned to the scene on the left would also be classified in this way.

The objects would be determined on the basis of regular or ad hoc risk assessments. These assessments would be based on nationally agreed standards and criteria. “Appropriate individual protective measures are then based on this.”

The police have extended powers in or in the immediate vicinity of objects that are classified as particularly endangered. According to the provisions of the Thuringian Police Tasks Act, they can determine the identity of a person there if “facts justify the assumption that criminal offenses are to be committed in or on objects of this type, through which persons located in or on these objects or these objects themselves are directly endangered “.