The settlement dates back to between 800 and 500 BC.

On the Chiltern hills, situated North-West of London, found the city of the iron age. The settlement, which is dated between 800 and 500 BC, was hidden under the trees.

According to the BBC, to see this place managed to digital pictures last year, which were obtained with large-scale scanning of the terrain using LiDAR, capable of using laser pulses to penetrate the ground and foliage.

About the exact location of the settlement is not reported, to protect the area from influx of tourists and to undertake the necessary excavations.

It is noted that the settlement includes the shore with a width of 9 meters and an external trench width of 7 meters. The perimeter of the city – 500 meters in length.

Under assumptions of archaeologists, perhaps this settlement was used as a production site.