In Ekaterinburg have shown how to protect commuters from coronavirus

In the Yekaterinburg metro is clean and safe, said the mayor. In the framework of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection, urban subway to start processing more thoroughly than before.

In the course are gantry washers, knapsack sprayers, high pressure machines. The staff responsible for cleaning, have respirators, protective clothing and gloves. Pay special attention to the disinfection of the surfaces of the seats, handrails of stairs, escalators and doors. For air purification around the clock use of the ventilation chamber.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS Rospotrebnadzor recalled the need to disinfect gadgets

Cashiers and the security officers give out masks and antiseptic gels, workers with symptoms of SARS to work do not allow.

– We have increased the number of cleaning and concentration of disinfectant “Des-chlorine”. Rolling stock is processed during the day after rush hour and night. Wet cleaning stations four times a day. The technical means used largely increase work efficiency. Metro takes exceptional measures to protect not only their workers, but also passengers. Talk about closing the subway is not”, – assured the Director of the Yekaterinburg metro Andrew Panayotidi.

Add: required disinfection should take place and the whole city ground transportation.