31. March 2019 is terminated the contractual relationship with editor-in-chief Klaus brink bäumer. Until then, he will remain in the house as a author. It came to the consensual agreement between the 51-year-old journalist and the SPIEGEL-Verlag.

The MIRROR-the publisher would like to thank Klaus brink bäumer for his passionate use of the last more than 25 years, in which he areas of his work in the crisis, in numerous cover stories and award-winning reports the sheet has been embossed.

Under Klaus brink bäumers guide created outstanding stories such as “The cartel” and the”Schulz-Story” or the title of images, such as the award-winning “America First”. Klaus brink, bäumer it is thanks to that the mirror is renewed visually and the Investigative network, the EIC was founded. Also his services for digital pay-offer MIRROR Plus.

From the beginning of 2019, Steffen Klusmann, Barbara Hans and Ullrich Fichtner will be the new editor-in-chief of the MIRROR.