In Ecuador declared mourning for the dead because COVID 19

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, signed a decree declaring the country a 15-day national mourning for the dead in the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus.

As follows from the published document, this time in the country will be flown at half-mast all the flags.

"In terms of a national disaster that is going through Ecuador, it is necessary to show unity and resistance in order to get out of this situation and to honor the memory of those who died fighting the pandemic", – stated in the decree.

The first case of infection with coronavirus in Ecuador confirmed on 29 February in a female patient, two weeks earlier arrived from Spain, she became the first victim of the infection of the disease on the territory of the Latin American countries. Moreno declared in the Republic a state of emergency involving a work stoppage of all enterprises, except agriculture, medical sector, public services, banks and delivery services.

At the moment in Ecuador was 8 225 cases of infections, 403 people died. Guayas province and its administrative center Guayaquil, where over 5.7 million HIV infections and about half of the deaths have become the epicenter of the epidemic in the South American Republic.