In early August, the Russians will be able to observe the convergence of the moon with three planets.

on the night of 2 and 3 August in the southern sky with the naked eye we will see the rapprochement of the moon with Jupiter and Saturn, and on the morning of August 9, Earth’s natural satellite will be near Mars.

this was announced by the employee of educational Kourovka astronomical Observatory of Ural Federal University Vladilen Sanakoev.

“unfortunately, the weather forecast for the coming days is not the most favorable, will be partly cloudy. You can watch in the southern part of the sky low on the horizon. In the night from 8 to 9 August almost full Moon will be near Mars” – quoted scientist TASS.

in addition, the scientist noted that in the North-Eastern part of the sky inquisitive Russians can see with a telescope or binoculars convergence of Mars with the asteroid Vesta.