“I did not see my daughter for 13 years. The mother ran off with her,” says Thomas Lock of his 16-year-old daughter.

He stands in the middle of Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen with a black in the hand.

As the cylinders are emptied, come menneskehistorierne up to the surface.

Thomas Lock, we return to the. He is one of the 20 full-grown men, as in the day of sailing from waterhole to waterhole in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. The bell is 21, and The Pure Glass is number 13 out of the 20 pubs to be visited.

“Trip, Trip, trip the Nørrebronx,” they sing, for they all been on the route before. Actually have Trip The Nørrebronx been in existence since 1996.

A paint roller swings back and forth on the slim man’s neck, as he sways with the body, takes the whistle in the mouth and whistle:

“Okay. Herman Light came too late to pubcrawlet, so he gives a bajer,” cries the 43-year-old Painter, who actually called Frantz Weinrich, and makes ready to subject number … 20?

“here It is christmas eve for me. In the beginning of august, I’m starting to drink wine everyday to get in shape for trippet,” says Painter, who is a family man and lives with his wife and three-year-old son.

He has always lived in Nørrebro, and has been a painter just as his father, he says, as he sits on The Clean Glass between the smoke and flaskebajere and The Rolling Stones in the plant.

“I love the brown pubs, because you can be yourself. We are just a big group of friends, entering a different world,” says Painter.

all in All, there will be drunk around 500 objects in galmandsværket.

All the men have nicknames. Painter, Kansas, Herman Light, and Porn can read on the jerseys.

Several of the men have through the years seen many dry out one after another. In the 1960s, there were 123 pubs in Nørrebro, but now they dwindled to be any twenty-beverdinger.

the Reasons are several. People prefer smoke-free cafes, cooperatives have complained about the noise of the city, which has led to the closures, and the politicians have made the rules for the smoke and the serving of food.

There is then also empty in most living rooms, we when, but it is also due to the heat of the summer. And you would think that the guys at the trippet is true ølkarle, you have to think about again.

They live a quiet and tranquil life without regular binge-drinking. And scrapes in the surface, you get true menneskehistorier.

It is on the stone bridge, the 38-year-old Thomas Lock tells that he is happy because he recently got in touch with his 16-year-old daughter.

“It has been the most amazing thing that has happened on earth, that she has come back.”

“I lived in the south Harbour with her mother, but she chose 13 years ago to take a one-way ticket to the Philippines, without I knew it.”

“It happened the day I was trained. I took the jacket over his head in the train and cried and cried and cried. A fantastic girl comforted me in six hours,” he says and gets tears in her eyes.

for years he sent money to the Philippines, he says. And two months ago the miracle happened.

Lock got in touch with the mother, who decided that their daughter should now live in Denmark with his father.

She is now learning English and already love Danish food.

Five minutes after ending Thomas Locks in the evening. He is trying to destroy with a coconut, bought in a greengrocer, on the sidewalk with the bare hands. Lasse has succeeded with it. Smash, it said.

“I think I’ve broken my elbow,” says Thomas Lock suddenly. Soon thereafter, he is on the way to the hospital with his twin brother, Daniel Lock.

Porn has also been out for a little bit of each. He got his name because he once came along with a stripper known from the ‘Stripperkongens girls’.

“She taught me to strip private. I got my name after the Porno-Lasse, as I was for sex – and erotic-messe with, and he asked: ‘do you not fancy a job?'”

the Porn said “no thanks” to the porn movies, but when he told the boys the story, he got his name.

“Even here on the Patter we met a group of girls that kept the bachelor party. And so, stripped I for her. She was really happy,” says Porn called Henrik Thiberg.

Peter Nielsen has been affected by a blood clot, probably caused by smoking. Stig Clausen came in harsh environments and was in the fights.

But it is decades ago, and today is the Stig Clausen to him, stop the fuss at the least signs of fight, he tells.

And how are the stories so many here on the route, where the party suddenly becomes heavy, as we reach the tavern, 18, 19 and 20 o’clock 2 on the night.