Thus, Cuba is included into the first phase of the removal of restrictions which previously announced the leadership of the Republic. For cautious steps towards a return to normality include, for example, the partial resumption of public transport, the opening of private restaurants. Subject to the requirements of social distancing plans a gradual resumption of domestic tourism, but foreign travelers are still not able to get to the Island. This would only be possible after the transition to the second phase postcoronary recovery, albeit in a very limited format: for foreign tourists will be open only to certain directions, and to leave the resorts and go on tours until you get it. Until the third phase do not plan to resume regular flights, will fly only humanitarian cargo flights and since the second phase – charters with tourists in private airports located close to launching resorts.

the Transition from one phase to another is accepted by the local authorities on the basis of several criteria. These include the number of people infected, the number of active cases, the presence of open flares COVID-19.

“the Current epicenter of coronavirus is in Havana, and Matanzas province, which continues to improve, does not meet the necessary requirements,” – explained in the Council of Ministers failure to start the lifting of restrictions in these two regions. Indeed, over the last 15 days of new infections COVID-19 was recorded only in the capital and Matanzas, and in the other provinces, the epidemiological situation remains benign and new cases of coronavirus not detected for more than two weeks.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Cuba, during the entire period of the pandemic on the Island were identified 2273 cases of infection with coronavirus infection, and the number of deaths is 84. In hospitals there are about 600 people, of which 193 are treated, and 400 are under suspicion for COVID-19.