In Crimea, the officials brought the case for settling orphans in the house

In Dzhankoy district Republic of Crimea orphans settled in uninhabitable apartments, no heat, peeling Wallpaper and flaking ceiling tiles. The investigation Department of the Dzhankoysky area GSU SK Russia opened a criminal case against the officials of the local administration, not to follow the quality of the transmitted orphans housing.

Photo: Press-service of the GSM TFR in the Republic of Crimea Kerch opened a criminal case due to the settlement of orphans in bleak house

Square footage for orphans on municipal contract was purchased in the house in the street 40 years of Victory in the village of Kalinovka. But received orders to my surprise, discovered that the battery is not connected to the district heating system. The roof leaks, the building and apartments are infested with mold.

– Despite the obvious violations of sanitary-epidemiological requirements for housing, in the acts of reception-transmission there was no information about these flaws, – said the press service of the DSU. – The accuracy of the information on presence in a residential area of Central heating, operable and functioning with no visible damage not tested.

After receiving the keys, the orphans tried to live in these units, but soon they had to move out.

insurance Investigators qualified the actions of the officials of the administration of the Dzhankoysky area as negligence. Officials neglected their duties and not examined properly homes for children-orphans and children left without parental care. As a result of their rights and legitimate interests are substantially impaired. A criminal case was opened under part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code.

In Kerch contractor’s home for orphans was accused of fraud

– the Violation of the law was revealed by public Prosecutor’s check, – have noted in SK. – The staff of the investigative Department of the city of Jankoi with the specialists of Rospotrebnadzor and with the participation of victims conducted inspections of apartments. Studied documentation of interest to the investigation. Now set the full picture of the crime. The criminal investigation personally controls the management of the head investigative Department.

This is not the first scandal in the Republic associated with providing orphans substandard housing. We will remind, in January in Kerch orphans settled in bleak house, which was not connected to the gas supply and heating. This fact of GSU SK at RK have also opened a criminal case against acting head of management of housing and communal services of administration of Kerch and Director of the company-Builder “Technoplast”.