Yesterday the Prime Minister gathered by video conference, the Presidium of the coordination Council on combating the spread of coronavirus infection and stated that two months later the increased incidence failed to stop. “According to the most conservative estimates, there is positive dynamics. More and more people recover and are discharged from hospitals back home,” – said Mishustin.

Some regions for current indicators is ready to a gradual easing of the quarantine measures. “A total of 27 subjects of the Federation”, – said the head of government. “This is possible because himself over the last few days, the infection rate of the virus is less than one and more than half of the specialized beds, which are equipped to treat complications of the disease, remain free,” – said Mishustin. The level of testing COVID-19 is consistently high.

Much was determined last week after all the holidays in may. The growth rate of new detections has dropped by 23.4 percent in the Moscow region – by 42.6 percent. A certain anxiety in the government is causing the situation outside the capital region. “This week while the subjects of the Russian Federation, we have seen increased growth rate at 8.1 percent,” – said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She stressed that now, when on the ground, think about lifting the previously imposed restrictions, the governors should carefully monitor the behavior of the disease not only in their territories, but also the neighbors. In some regions have tried to access services without complying with the necessary rules, and the chief sanitary doctors in the field had to intervene. In other regions, with all the possibilities for the weakening of quarantine measures, the authorities were cautious. “We kind of welcome it, because this is a big week, during which it was necessary to realistically assess the development of the epidemic situation in the region”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

“In recent days we have not identified regions of the country, where would hipertensiunii increase in the incidence of, – stated the Deputy Prime Minister. Is, on the one hand this is good, but on the other hand, I want to once again appeal to colleagues not to be complacent because the disease is insidious and we must be very careful to observe all the sanitary-epidemiological measures”.

Until the end of may will remain the mode of isolation for people aged over 65 years. “We have to be sure one hundred percent that their life and health is not in danger. As soon as possibility to remove the regime of isolation and for them to immediately do it,” promised Mikhail Mishustin. Working pensioners the Cabinet of Ministers gave the opportunity to issue electronic hospital for the period from 12 to 29 mA��.

new documents are Signed to help the business. The Prime Minister approved the rules of the new preferential credit programmes to support organisations most affected by the coronavirus industries and a number of socially oriented non-profit organizations. The loans will be issued by banks under two percent, the rest of them compensated by the state. Allocated 5.7 billion rubles.

the size of the loan will be calculated on the basis of one minimum wage for each employee per month multiplied by the number of months. “Funds can be used for any purpose at the discretion of the business, but we certainly hope that they will spend in the first place to payment of wages, because the companies that retain at least 90 percent of employees, credit will be deducted along with interest – the full amount will repay the state”, – said the Prime Minister. Organizations that retain at least 80 percent of workers will have to return only half of the loan and percent on it. The maturity date is 1 April of the following year.

Separately Mishustin stayed the implementation of orders of the President on support for employees of social institutions, many of which are in the spread of the coronavirus, working in conditions of special regime: their shift lasts for 14 days, and all this time they should be in the premises.

“I’m asking you to do everything necessary to avoid the situation that has developed with additional payments to medical workers. Please carefully and accurately approach to the implementation of the President’s instructions and decisions of the government that no one had any, not that desire, and even the idea that there can be something to save,” said Prime Minister.

payments to social workers by order of the government allocated a 7.67 billion for 114 thousand specialists. “For the period from 15 April to 15 July, monthly they will be charged a special fee. Its size will depend on whether their facility sick coronavirus infection or not,” – said Mishustin. In the first case, the doctors will receive 60 thousand rubles, the second – on 40 thousand. The same principle is provided for others. Nurses and social workers (psychologists, teachers, speech therapists and other professionals) will pay for 35 and 25 thousand respectively, Junior medical staff and nurses – 20 and 15 thousand, technical and other staff for 15 and 10 thousand.

in addition, they will be introduced replaceable operating mode – 14 calendar days. “And even if the employee gets sick and leaves the institution before the completion of his shift, he can still count on the full co-payment”, – assured the Prime Minister.

Yesterday the Prime Minister, a separate owls��meeting to check the order of the President on the April payments incentive payments to medical workers for assisting the patients with coronavirus. All the time for this has expired, and the regions should begin accrual in may.

Mikhail Mishustin demanded once and for all to stop the abuse from the incentive payments. The government has specified the procedure for calculating Federal payments, without any possibility to count the amount of time. In the future in the preparation of normative documents of the Ministry and departments should avoid wording that will allow a dual interpretation.

“the instructions of the President, decisions of the government in the regions began to interpret in their own way. Somewhere in the calculation of the surcharges began to count the shifts, where hours, and somewhere in the minutes, – said the Prime Minister. – Moreover, such action would directly contradict the essence of the instructions and requests of the President, the people who make such decisions, humanly should be ashamed in front of doctors and health workers who every day risk their health and, unfortunately, lives.”

Until Tuesday, the officials have time to address its remaining deficiencies and now report to the President. Deputy Prime Ministers and relevant Ministers Mishustin asked to carefully prepare for the reports.

Additional safeguards for health-care workers will be one-time insurance payment in the amount of 68 thousand rubles. They will be paid in case of temporary disability due to the aggravation of certain disease due to coronavirus infection. Applies to doctors, middle and Junior medical staff and drivers of ambulance, working directly with patients with coronavirus.

In the list of diseases included acute respiratory infections of the upper respiratory tract without development of pneumonia, viral pneumonia, toxic liver damage, sepsis, pulmonary edema and pulmonary embolism, liver and kidney failure and some other complications.

Mikhail Mishustin also approved the temporary regulation on insurance cases, which will be valid until the end of the year and will allow us compensation to affected physicians and other medical professionals.