In China's Hubei province has limited traffic

Chinese Authorities have restricted the movement of private cars on territory of Hubei province. Severe restrictions not only apply to fire and police vehicles, ambulances and public transport.

“prevention and control of epidemic has entered a crucial stage,” – said in a government statement. The authorities expressed hope for understanding and cooperation.

the report States that to gain control over the epidemic it is necessary to strengthen the so-called control closed. When all LCD, neighborhoods and rural communities, leaving only one entrance, where attendants check the temperature and logs all incoming and outgoing. On the territory is forbidden for unauthorised vehicles and not the people living there. However, shops and pharmacies located in their territory, should be fully supplied with Essentials, food and drug administration. Responsibility for the uninterrupted supply placed on the local authorities. For any new case of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 introduced strict quarantine for two weeks.

in addition, Hubei discontinued free sale medicines for colds, high temperature and cough. Each purchaser of such preparations shall be obliged to provide their complete data, which is entered into the computer database.

Earlier, the Chinese government announced the possibility of the death penalty for concealment of symptoms, and malevolent infection of the novel coronavirus. Severe punishment including the death penalty for those who during the outbreak of coronavirus is caught in corruption, production and distribution of counterfeit drugs, causing grievous bodily harm to physicians.

In Russia the new cases of infection with coronavirus was not detected.