In China the number of victims of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV has increased to 722, recovered 2,050 people

In China, the number of victims of coronavirus pneumonia caused by a new virus 2019-nCoV has increased to 722. The country was 31 774 cases of infection. 2050 people recovered after treatment. These data are reported by State Committee for hygiene and public health of the PRC

a Day ago, the Chinese authorities reported the dead 637, 1540 recovered and 31 211 confirmed cases of infection.

At the end of December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in China there was an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The world health organization described it as an epidemic with numerous pockets and declared it an emergency situation on an international scale. To date, the disease was recorded in 24 countries, including in Russia, reminds TASS.