In China preparing sea trials AG600 Keelung

Chinese amphibious aircraft AG600 “Keelung” preparing to start testing in sea conditions, according to the April 10, Defense Aerospace.

According to the information portal, testing the new Chinese aircraft will take place off the coast of the South China sea.

The purpose of the trials is to obtain data on the effects of sea water on various components and assemblies of the aircraft and its handling in choppy conditions at sea.

The start date of the tests is not disclosed.

As reported IA REGNUM, the amphibian “Keelung” AG600 began to create in 2009. Flight tests were conducted in 2017, the tests on the water are held in 2018, however, they took on fresh water reservoir on the river Zhuanghe.

The plane’s four turboprop engines designed to extinguish fires and conduct rescue operations. He is able to stay aloft for up to 12 hours. Maximum takeoff weight AG600 — 53.5 tons and a maximum range of 4.5 thousand km.

If Russia will not resume production of the Soviet plane-amphibian A-40 “Albatross”, the Chinese AG600 will be the biggest plane-an amphibian in the world.