RTC, whose name translates as “Russia floating in the agreement with China” (which corresponds to the Chinese naming rules), will advise the exporters, to act as an agent for a wide range of issues (from transport and logistics services to the business organization in China), to enter into the share capital of other campaigns and more.

Services will be paid, said in a release the web.Russia, however, will operate the principle of “payment for results”: the remuneration RTK receive only if the client is successfully released to the local market.

“Fee-for-service for us is a practical measure of the value of the service and recognition of our efficiency, and the principle of payment only in case of success – honest and risk-free for the exporter format”, – said Andrei Sharov, Director General of VEB Asia limited, chief representative of Rets in Asia Pacific, appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of RTK.

the company already has preliminary agreements on cooperation with Russian suppliers and Chinese importers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Heilongjiang and Sichuan.

This is a pilot project, specify in the web.Of the Russian Federation. If successful it will be scaled to other countries.