Chinese archaeologists during excavations in the historic site in the village of Lianhe in Sichuan province found a ceramic pig aged about 3,000 years, which remarkably resembles one of the characters in the popular animated film Angry Birds.

according to China Daily, the find was made by the mission Sichuan provincial research Institute of cultural relics and archaeology. Since October last year, she has been working on excavations near the village of Lianhe, where the first settlement appeared about five thousand years ago. By the way, it was called lianhe.

the village lies near the ruins of Sanxingdui, which existed from approximately 2050 1250 years BC and for a long time it was the capital of the Kingdom of Shu.

Archaeologists have discovered a large number of relics of different eras spanning nearly 5000 years. During the excavations there were found tombs, which were ritual objects, including porcelain.

However, the most unusual and attractive discovery was a clay pig, which is very similar to one of the Jolly green pigs from Comedy computer-animated film Angry Birds. Scientists estimate that the age of this relic is about 3000 years old.

Archaeologists say that by itself this finding is not uncommon. The practice of making figurines of pigs was common in the dynasties of Shang and Zhou dynasties (sixteenth century – 256 BC). Then it was a very popular Pets.

“the excavations in the ruins Sinsinawa were found the remains of these pigs, says Xin Zhonghua Institute of relics in Sichuan, responsible for the excavations in Lianhe. But a clay pig from the ruins lianhe truly artistic and exquisite. Perhaps it was part of some jewelry.”

Sanxindui Ruins were discovered accidentally in 1929 by a farmer, which were dug that time in his field. Since the excavations in this city and its vicinity was discovered more than 10 thousand different relics. However, never in the hands of the archaeologists did not get such a funny clay pig.