In China from the coronavirus died Director Chan Kai and all his family

In Hubei has died film Director, representative of the film company Hubei Film Studio, Chiang Kai. He was 55 years old. He and his sister looked after his parents, who had contracted the coronavirus. To hospitalize the father and mother of the Director has failed due to overcrowding in the local hospitals.

the father of the filmmaker died on the first day of the Lunar new year is on January 25. He had fever, cough and breathing difficulties. After father and mother died, it became clear that Chiang Kai and his sister also became infected. Chiang Kai refused treatment at an early stage of infection, according to Variety.

He died on February 14, pre-saying goodbye to friends over the Internet and with my son who is studying in the UK. The wife of the Director is in intensive care. For her life is still fighting the doctors.

At the Studio of Chiang Kai began working in 1989, right after he graduated from Wuhan University of journalism. Death Chan Kai was a heavy blow to the film company Hubei Film Studio.

Coronavirus COVID-19 already broke the record for the victims of SARS SARS epidemic which occurred in 2003. Previously a victim of coronavirus became the chief physician of hospital of Wuhan, 51-year-old neurosurgeon Liu Jimin. He first reported epidemic of coronavirus and died in the line of duty, fighting a spreading infection. And on February 14 from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, has died, a hospital nurse Liu Fang. She was 59 years old.

In China for the treatment of coronavirus in 10 days was built a special hospital with insulated boxes. In Wuhan imposed quarantine. The rate of incidence is declining, but the change in the spread of the epidemic, warn doctors, should not be expected earlier than a month and a half.