it is unclear what led to the riots, which began shortly after midnight, although the Chicago Tribune reports that, at least in two districts of the city on Sunday were painted large graffiti with insults police. Later hundreds of people began to break Windows, loot shops, engaging in clashes with police in the commercial district of Chicago’s “Magnificent mile” and in other parts of the city centre. Around 4.30 am at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and lake street an unknown fired several shots at police, officers returned fire. According to the representative of local police, several law enforcement officers were injured, do not pose a threat to life. Looters still managed to plunder a few dozen small shops and retail outlets. Only to five o’clock in the morning the police managed to bring the situation under control.

However, the vandalism has continued and at dawn. The transport Department of Chicago has suspended the movement of trains and buses to the city centre in morning rush hour, and the Illinois state police blocked the exits from the Expressway. Was raised bridges over the Chicago river, with the exception of one on La Salle street, which was opened for traffic emergency. About five in the morning were seen men running with bags and bags of PNC Bank at the intersection of Huron and state. The Bank was shattered practically all the Windows and cracked the grille. In the next quarter, according to local journalists, other stores, including Sally Beauty Supply brand, has been completely “stripped by vandals”. Other parts of the city centre, including around the avenues of Grand and Wabash, was littered with debris. A crowd of several dozen people unsuccessfully tried to break the window of the watch shop Omega at Delaware place and Michigan Avenue. In the end, in the absence of police, criminals were able to break into the luxury store. A group of looters calmly entered and exited through the broken window of the Louis Vuitton store on Walton place across the street from the Drake hotel. Drove past a patrol car, and the attackers fled. However, when the patrol car left, at least one robber went back to the store.

Note that in recent years in Chicago every week recorded dozens of cases of robberies and murders as a result of the dismantling of criminal gangs, and the police prefer not to go to areas controlled by ethnic minorities. However, the first time the criminals have decided to take control and quiet business district of the city. The President of the United States Donald trump at the end of July, promised to send to Chicago, the authorities which, according to him, not able to control the situation, hundreds of Federal agents with the U.S. marshals Service and the Department of homeland security. But this was not done ��about a lot of things because of pressure from local Democrats and the public. The mayor of Chicago and head of the local police promised to give explanations about the night of the riots on Monday afternoon.