Its estimated area of 6840 square meters.

In Chertanovo will Winonaite new fizkulturno-an improving complex (FOK) at the address: ulitsa Gazoprovod, 6g building, enclosure 1, 3. This decision was taken on zasedaniya group Urban development and land Commission of Moscow.

As told Anastasia Pyatov, Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest, the estimated area of Foca with a swimming pool will amount to 6840 square meters. Goplanit to build on a land area of 0.95 acres, to start construction it has released.

The construction of the sports complex includes Targeted investment program of Moscow. Due to this embolise residents of the Districts will Inogomov sports.

Since 2011 within the state program “Sports of Moscow” was built more than 120 sports facilities, four of them baliwagan into operation this year. Until the end of the 2020 plan to complete the construction of 22 objects.