In Chelyabinsk was open a giant graffiti greeting card with congratulation to the Day of Russia and thank the doctors for their dedicated work during a pandemic coronavirus. Her over the weekend drew a famous modern artist Timur Abdullaev (“Brazil”), was announced on Monday at city hall.

– outside Labor near the town of Bor, there was graffiti with the image of doctors and a signed “Thank you for Your work!”, – said the Deputy mayor for social development Sergey Avdeev. – This year the Day of Russia dedicated to the modern heroes who protects people’s health. These include social workers, scientists, volunteers, and, of course, doctors. Creating an art object on the street, Work, young Chelyabinsk congratulated citizens on the holiday and expressed gratitude to the medical professionals who today are at the forefront of the fight against novel coronavirus infection.

As explained in the city hall, graffiti created the Chelyabinsk Federation of hip-hop culture, with the support of the municipal government on youth Affairs.