In charge are preparing for the inauguration of the largest organ in Moscow

Every hour will be held for five sessions. Just the inauguration will be attended 24 organist from around the world. Before important day, the head of “Mühleisen” Patrick Armand, who for forty years makes the bodies, said in an interview with “RG” on how the new born on to Moscow.

the First thing they say when it comes to on hall’s “charge” that he’s the biggest and claiming all sorts of records. The size of the instrument is the identity of its quality and exclusivity of sound?

Vienna Johann Strauss orchestra will give a concert in Moscow

Patrick Armand: the size of the organ is not the most important. The main thing – sound quality. It is important that each pipe sounded right, and should sound like it’s a great singer sings not forcefully and not tight. The sound of the organ I wonder then, if from the quietest sounds to the loudest had a lot of transitions and nuances. But, of course, for the audience, where you intend to use on together with the Symphony orchestra, the tool need a big. After all, rarely in the concert hall very good acoustics, such as “charge”. And all this, coupled with the best organists of the world, will present a unique opportunity to perform a variety of repertoire.

On – the most expensive of modern musical instruments, and the most difficult to operate…

Photo: EPA-EFE/ALEJANDRO GARCIA Bjork will open the European tour-the only concert in Moscow

Patrick Armand: My father is organistaion, said that the authority is not expensive, just need to have enough money to pay for it. If you count the number of hours spent on its production, and divide the sum by the number of hours, it turns out is actually a very small amount. In this body we Consumutili almost forty thousand hours.

every year one week, when will the body to pass comprehensive prevention, tune fully. It’s my job. But authority, like any other musical instrument, and need daily care. It is therefore very important that people who will be engaged in his service, was present at the time of installation of the tool and know how to play it. All these conditions are spelled out in the contract of the company “Mühleisen” with “Charge”, as it is the only possibility to give the tool a happy and long life.

What professional competencies should have those who are responsible for the safety of the organ?

Patrick Armand: ideally to have a great ear for music and a successful experience in this profession. After all, authority must always and to the local climate to get used, and all of its mechanisms must “work” in this heavy body. Usually this time-consuming and responsible process and a half, two years.

Can we count the bodies in the Concert hall of the Mariinsky theatre and “the Charge” related?

Patrick Armand: In a sense. But still the difference is significant, because the hall is “charge” more than the Mariinsky and on too. At the Mariinsky theatre forty registers, but here 85. The body is always something unique. Another such body in the world. Although in this case both halls built by the famous engineer-acoustics Yasuhisa Toyota, and authority in St. Petersburg is completely built by the project of Daniel Kern. He developed the concept of sound and did all preguntandome – factory configuration of the pipe tool in Moscow. Until the tragic death of Daniel we worked together on this instrument. And now we tried to continue and to fulfill his plan, as much as was possible. There were moments when we wondered what would Daniel Kern: you chose the sound louder or quieter.

Photo: LLC Aida Garifullina will sing in “Barvikha Luxury Village”

How serious are the economic and artistic plans competition among organ companies in the world today?

Patrick Armand: Nowadays competition is very strong, but not because the world is full of companies. Actually very few firms that can do an organ of this size, as in “charge”. But we must recognize that the need for tools of this scale is negligible. But “Mühleisen” the next two years are already fully booked. All of our work in France. We are building a new body for the Bordeaux region. We have planned two restoration at Versailles. Restoration is extremely important for the development of modern organotropnye because restoration is a chance to rediscover some valuable secrets of the old masters.

Why, in your opinion, creates a little contemporary music for organ?

Patrick Armand: Yes, it’s true. And often performed a variety of transcriptions. But today, I have a feeling that the situation is gradually changing in Europe, so sure. I hope that in Russia the emergence of the new body will inspire composers to create masterpieces. After all, a tool with such a huge variety of possibilities, creates a great palette for creativity.

the Way

General Director of the hall “charge” Olga Zhukova is Fret Labino – chief organist and custodian of the new authority:

I’ve been looking for the chief organist and Director of organ services for our “King of instruments”. Went to concerts, listened to, met with organists and organ masters, experts – organ world is very close, everyone knows each other. Frankly, many musicians wanted to get to this place. I think in the Mode Lansinoh EUyou are necessary quality. Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory, the winner of major international competitions. Lada, what is important, not only perfectly knows the structure of the body, she’s a wonderful musician, concert organist – a man fully committed to his cause.


the Tool will become the largest one in Moscow and one of the largest in Europe. The weight of the entire organ design about 40 tons. The body has 85 registers and only 5872 pipes. On the front of the tool placed 135 pipes inside the tool – 5737 pipes of different shape and length: the largest is 7 meters, small – 5 inches. Also has a keyboard console of four manuals (61 keys) and mobile console with four manuals (32 keys) and two of the table.