In Canada, Indians expelled from the reservation due to the construction of the pipeline

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said he intends to resolve the situation with the protests of indigenous people against the construction of the gas pipeline Coastal GasLink peacefully.

the Pipeline will pass through the territory of the indigenous Indians in the province of British Columbia. However, many indigenous community residents oppose such projects on its territory.

nevertheless, the court held that the construction of the pipeline should continue. 6 Feb mounted police began to demolish the camp of Indians, several people were arrested.

In a statement the press service of the Prime Minister says that he wants to resolve the situation peacefully. Trudeau stressed the need to urgently address this issue to minimize the “very real consequences” for Canadians, according to RIA Novosti.

In recent years, Canada has been a growing reassessment of the historical events of the colonial times. So, in 2018, the authorities apologized to the Indian tribe of British Columbia because more than 150 years ago, their leaders were hanged. And in may last year officially acquitted the chief of an Indian tribe Poundmaker convicted 134 years ago by the colonial government for participating in the uprising in Saskatchewan.