In Britain told about the state placed in intensive care Johnson

at noon on 7 April came the good news. Boris Johnson assured his treating physicians and the citizens of the country that nothing very serious has happened to him, that he is not discouraged and is in high spirits. The worst thing that he expected his doctors – pneumonia or, even worse, the lungs to collapse – didn’t happen. Thus we can expect that the crisis will be passed Johnson pretty soon.

currently, Britain “steers” the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Dominic Raad. As for predictions about full recovery Johnson while attending his doctors refrain from specifying a date though, because, not to jinx it.

Putin sent Johnson a telegram of support

meanwhile the British know that their Prime Minister, despite being overweight, has always been an avid athlete. Runner and avid cyclist, Johnson, as mayor of London, walked exclusively on two wheels. Its sportiness a lot he was surprised watching his doctors.

So there is every reason to believe that he will surprise the doctors and the country with his courageous fight against coronavirus. And will be always the winner.