During his life, Elton John has sold over 250 million albums. Now, according to German weekly Der Spiegel, the pop icon will be shown on the coins issued by the British mint The Royal Mint. This commemorative coin of London appreciated the contribution of the 73-year-old Maestro in the art of music.

On the coin, the artist depicts several unusual, just a typical round glasses in the shape of musical notes, a straw hat and bow tie. So find out Elton John’s can you, not with a huge imagination.

“It’s a fabulous honour to be marked thus, – stated sentimentality John. In recent years, in my career there have been many noteworthy moments. And the coin was another milestone on my way.”

Collectors can buy coins by Elton John in different sizes and denominations, including 100-pound Golden.

According to information from the mint, there is this year going the same way to honor other famous musicians of Britain.

by the Way, The Royal Mint had previously struck a commemorative coin in honor of the group “Queen” and Freddie mercury.