In Britain for COVID 19 stopped other medical research

LONDON, 27 APR – RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. A British laboratory will shift under study, associated with coronavirus, while research in other areas is practically frozen, which can lead to dire consequences for patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and many other diseases.

“In connection with COVID-19 researchers funded by Diabetes UK, should work differently, not like before. For example, many of our researchers are professional doctors are now working in the front line helping to fight COVID-19, while other scientists write papers and analyze data from home. We understand what the problems COVID-19 creates for us-funded studies and do all we can to support our specialists,” – told RIA Novosti the representative of the charity organization Diabetes UK, help for patients with diabetes and funding relevant research, Edward Johnston.

According to him, the organization recently announced it is accepting applications for funding of research on the topic of “relationships” COVID-19 and diabetes. Although suffering from diabetes and are considered high risk, as it is affected by the coronavirus in the body of diabetics is unclear.

“We plan to allocate 100 thousand pounds for such research to begin them as soon as possible and to be able to protect people who are potentially at risk. Successful projects will be announced in the coming months,” said Johnston.

Most concerns about the situation expressed by Cancer Research – an organization that provides research and development of drugs for cancer.

“Cancer Research UK expects that the reduction in the income of the organization from fundraising in the next fiscal year may reach 25%, which is a direct consequence of the pandemic coronavirus,” reads available to the RIA Novosti statement of the organization.

the Organization also announced that some of its laboratories redeveloped for the needs of the National health service, and some employees returned to medical activities and hospitals.

Many labs across the country that do not involve work related to research COVID-19 or the development of a vaccine, it is locked. According to two sources, RIA Novosti in scientific circles in London and in Oxford many experimental animals due to the suspension of the experimental studies had to be destroyed.

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