MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The commander of the nuclear submarine HMS Trenchant has been relieved of his command after allegations that he organized a party for sailors-sailors on base near Plymouth during the current UK quarantine, reports Sky News.

“We can confirm that the commander of HMS Trenchant removed from command”, – said the official representative of the British Navy.

As said channel military source, the commander of the submarine John Lewis remains to serve in the Navy. According to the source, the decision against the commander was not only because of the party, and after “several incidents” when his decisions became the subject of discussion.

Previously, the TV channel reported that the Royal Navy is conducting an investigation because of reports that the commander of HMS Trenchant threw a party for sailors-sailors during the quarantine. Exact date of incident not known, but, according to Sky News, it was shortly after the announcement of the regime of self-isolation.

As seen on caught in the social network the movie, the crew of the submarine had fun at the party with BBQ and music on the basis of “Devonport”, near the town of Plymouth. According to the source, only BBQ for the divers, who had long been at sea, would hardly have been the reason for the investigation. According to him, such measures were taken because of other “bad decisions” of the commander. Supposedly, he refused to cancel the barbecue, despite the fact that he was advised to stop the event.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 23 in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus announced the introduction of quarantine in the country: the British may leave their homes only for the purchase of commodities for exercise once a day, for medical needs and for travel to and from work (only if this trip is “absolutely necessary”). The distance between people is required to keep at least two meters, to assemble in groups is also prohibited.

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