Street cat Bob became the hero of the eponymous book, has died. This was announced by its owner, musician and writer, James Bowen, reports the Bookseller.

the Animal died on June 15 at the age of 14 years. “Bob saved my life. Just like that. He was more than a companion,” said Bowen. He added that thanks to books and film, Bob was able to meet thousands of people and affect millions. The musician also stressed that “this cat was no more and never will be.”

Bowen found Bob in the entrance in the spring of 2007. He noticed that the cat had no collar, and noticed the infected wound on his paw. Bowen took the red cat to the vet, and then took to themselves for a time, until you are the owner of the animal. As a result, he left the cat at all, naming him Bob after a character from the TV series “twin Peaks”. Later Bowen fashioned a harness from shoelaces and began everywhere to take the cat with him. Soon the couple Bob and James became popular.

In 2010, a literary agent Mary Pachnos brought Bowen with Garry Jenkins to write the biography of James. After the release of the first book has sold over one million copies in the UK alone. After the book “a Street cat named Bob” also came “the world through the eyes of a cat Bob”, “Bob is an unusual cat,” “Where’s Bob?”, “My name is Bob”, “a Gift from Bob cat”, “cat Bob to the rescue”, “the Little book of cat Bob: Life lessons from a wise street cat”. In 2016 released film “a Street cat named Bob”. The role of Bowen in the movie was played by actor Luke Treadaway.