In Borisoglebsk the first analysis the mother of a patient with coronavirus were negative

the First analysis the mother of a patient with coronavirus were negative. It reminds GTRK “Voronezh” on the train “Moscow – Volgograd” on March 16, the woman returned from Europe, where he associated with coronavirus-infected son. With complaints of feeling unwell, she went to the doctors.

According to preliminary test results, coronavirus women was not confirmed. This information is posted in the telegram channel in the regional government. Now Russia is in an isolated case of infectious Department Borisoglebskaya hospital in satisfactory condition.

As you know, because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, all returning from countries with “dysfunctional” epidemiological situation are required to spend two weeks in isolation. The patient take the analysis. If the result is negative, you will need to pass two control samples — third, and on the tenth day of quarantine. When two negative results and in the absence of clinical symptoms a person is considered healthy.

In the Voronezh officially recorded cases of infection with coronavirus is not. Nine people the presence of the virus is checked. Infection cases in the neighbouring regions — the Lipetsk and Belgorod.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”