In Belgium 1313 revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus

BRUSSELS, 19 Jul – RIA Novosti. A day in Belgium 1313 revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus, according to the crisis centre of the Ministry of health of the Kingdom.

Thus, the total number of confirmed cases has reached 38496 total number hospitalized decreased to 4871 with 5069 reported yesterday. For the day, was hospitalized 265 people. Since the beginning of the spread of the virus from hospitals were discharged 8757 infected COVID-19 deemed to be recovered, last night their was 409.

thus died because of coronavirus are considered 5683 people, but this number includes those people who died in nursing homes, and for which there are no precise data whether they were infected. Out of this figure, 47% died in hospitals with confirmed COVID-19, and 51% of the deaths in nursing homes, and only 4,1% of them the coronavirus was confirmed.

For the last day died 230 people, including 154 in nursing homes, among which 3.9 percent was confirmed COVID-19, shows the message.

on Wednesday, the Belgian authorities have extended the measures of social isolation until may 3. In early may, as expected, the country will gradually begin to get out of “quarantine”.

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