Yesterday Belarus held presidential elections. According to state exit polls, the victory on them was won by 65-year-old incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko scored 79.7% of the votes. His closest competitor, Svetlana Tikhanovski, put forward his candidacy from the opposition, gained 6.8 percent. However, supporters insist Tikhanovski on fraud, according to their calculations, for Svetlana voted about 80% of voters, while for Lukashenko at around 10%.

After the announcement of preliminary results last night in major Belarusian cities began mass protests. People took to the streets, chanting “Lukashenka, go away!”. Against them, law enforcement officers used tear gas, used stun grenades, stun guns, beat protesters with batons. In the crowd of protesters drove a paddy wagon. In the country especially “drowned” Internet people complained that they could not send even the photos in the telegram.

Alexander Lukashenko has not commented on neither their victory nor what is happening in the country. And Svetlana Tikhanovski urged the police to stop the violence against protesters.

the Official data about victims and detainees there. But, judging by the photos and videos in social networks, their number is very large.

Alexander Lukashenko became President of Belarus for the sixth time.