The period of registration of presidential candidates starts in Belarus on 5 July and will last until 14 July inclusive, follows from the graph of the CEC of the Republic.

Those of the candidates for the presidency who successfully pass the registration, you will receive Emeritus status candidates will be able to start campaigning.

Elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. So far in the presidential race, there remain seven members: acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko, the former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo, a former Chairman of the Board of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, former member of the lower house of Parliament of Belarus Anna Konopacka, co-chair of the public Association "Tell the truth" Andrey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Belarusian social democratic "Hramada" Sergey Caraceni and unemployed Svetlana Tikhanovski.

They all filed to the CEC documents for registration, however, the required number of valid signatures, which is in this case mandatory, have collected just six of them: the 100-thousandth of the threshold on the results of inspections, "autographs" could not overcome Tsepkalo. Nevertheless, he remains a member of the electoral campaign until the meeting of the CEC on which decisions will be made on the registration of candidates. This meeting is scheduled for July 14.

He Tsepkalo stated that it intends to appeal a significant rejection of the signatures in his support. He also did not rule out that he may unite with any of the candidates, if you would go the distance.

According to the CEC, the absolute leader in the number of valid signatures in support of nomination is Lukashenka: he has more than 1.9 million of a total population of nearly 9.4 million.

of What’s interesting campaign

The current elections in Belarus is mainly notable for the fact that one of the participants of Babariko is in the KGB jail, under investigation "case of BGB".

Babariko headed Belgazprombank for nearly 20 years, to the decision to run for President. In June at the head office in Minsk were raided, and the state control Committee of Belarus said that on the basis of the financial institution has long operated an organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. The office has instituted criminal proceedings on articles about the tax evasion and money laundering obtained by criminal means. Babariko was arrested. In the context of the investigation detained about 20 people, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation was entrusted to the KGB, however, the articles of charges were not disclosed.

Recently it became known that Babariko accused of tax evasion, which caused damage in especially large size, the legstion of money laundering, and bribery.

The head of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina explained to RIA Novosti that the presence of Babariko custody does not prevent him to run for President and even be elected head of state if he will be registered as a candidate. And campaigning is possible and through proxies.

of Why can "fly"

There are a number of grounds on which the Central election Commission of Belarus will certainly refuse to register a presidential candidate. For example, if the nominee does not meet the requirements of the candidate in the Electoral code, and he has a criminal record. Registration will be withheld if the Commission are not the full package of necessary documents or the number of valid signatures collected in support of nomination is less than 100 thousand.

The candidate for presidents of Belarus is prohibited to use in the interests of electing cash or other material assistance from abroad. After finding such assistance to the candidate "crust" candidate for the presidency also did not see.

The CEC has the right to refuse registration if the applicant submitted false Declaration of income and property – their own or immediate family. The Commission may also withdraw from the race, presidential contender, if during the collection of signatures were recorded facts of coercion and reward voters.

According to the current Belarusian legislation, the decision on refusal in registration as a candidate with the statement of reasons issued no later than the next day after making such decision, it may be appealed to the Supreme court within three days. The Supreme court for its part also considers the complaint within three days, and the verdict is already final.

The President of Belarus is elected for five years. Previous elections were held in 2015, won a victory when Lukashenko. He holds the highest office for the past 26 years.