In Belarus, creating the engine to correct orbit of space vehicles

Deputy Director of the Institute on scientific work, corresponding member of national Academy of Sciences Valentin Astashinsky explains:

– to adjust the orbit of a satellite, apply a small plasma engines, they need at least three, and in fact set twice. We proposed to use one device with a diameter of only 2.5 cm, with variable thrust vector. Will soon begin testing. In the future, the engine of this type can be used on the spacecraft for interplanetary flights.

This is just one example of something created by the Institute in the implementation of the Federal programme “Technology-SG”. Just last year, it developed 19 and 20 set of design documentation on fundamentally new technology and equipment, 34 tested prototypes of the new technology.

– the Overall goal of this work is the creation of technologies and devices aimed at reducing the weight and dimensions of spacecraft, improving their quality characteristics, – outlines a circle facing scientists task the Director of the Institute academician of NASB Oleg Penyazkov. – It is very important. Because the space is today mobile communications, and television, and remote sensing. This information is extremely important to authorities and management in order to promptly make responsible decisions.

Photo: Egor of Provornikov/WG Cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin told how to navigate the station “Mir”

meanwhile, the challenge before scientists task is not easy. After all, the spacecraft operates in extreme conditions. When he is on the Sunny side of the planet, it heats up to 100 degrees Celsius. Shadow gets into a strip cooling to minus 120 degrees. The temperature difference affects the materials and design strong mechanical load. And so – several times a day for a number of years. Plus, magnetic storms, solar wind, shocks of microparticles… to protect the machine from all this, the Institute created multi-coating. But first you need to create high-precision and high-speed instrumentation. Moreover, the Belarusian – significantly cheaper than their Western counterparts.

For example, in one of the laboratories we saw a unique sensor to verify the quality of the application of protective coatings on the engine nozzle of the spacecraft. It was created by scientists of the Institute of heat and mass transfer, together with colleagues from the Institute of applied physics and Russian OOO “SKB-Energomash”. Created and coatings, is resistant to cosmic radiation. Multi-coating developed by Belarusian and Russian scientists on a Federal program used to create spacecraft of the European space Agency “Colombo”, now flying in the direction of mercury.

Such success on account of many scientists. However, this year the Federal program “Technology-SG” ends. Another – its working title is “Resource-SG”. The cooperation continues.


the Federal program “Technology-SG” for 2016-2020. It allocated 1 million 937 thousand rubles. Responsible executor from Belarus is the NASB, on the part of Russia the state customer-the coordinator is the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. Among the expected results – creation of nanomaterials for aerospace technology, devices in the field of optics, communication systems, receiving and processing large amounts of information.