The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of health of Belarus Yelena Bogdan said on local television on secession from the Republic on a plateau in the incidence of coronavirus. Her words leads RIA Novosti.

“the last time we went out on the so-called plateau, when we identify (positive tests COVID-19 – ed.) on average, somewhere around an 8.7−9.7% of the number of tests that we conducted. And if you take this our chart, on this plateau we climbed up and are still”, — said Bohdan.

According to her, can be observed in Belarus is flat, not peaked increase in morbidity. He noted that this was due anti-epidemic measures that were developed before the arrival of the new coronavirus in the country. Commenting on the strain on the health system of the Republic, it is called the margin of safety is sufficient.

Belarus did not impose strict quarantine measures for pandemic coronavirus, unlike most countries in Europe. The President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko explained this decision by economic reasons. In his opinion, Belarusians have to work and to escape from the crisis, “as soon as possible.”

According to the latest data, the number of identified cases of coronavirus in Belarus reached 26 772, during the epidemic of 151 patients died.