In Beijing introduced mandatory quarantine

a two-week mandatory quarantine imposed administration of the Chinese capital for all visitors to Beijing from other regions. This is caused by the prevention of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

A quarantine in two ways: either to stay at home for 14 days under the gun, video camera, or go to the area of collective quarantine, reports TASS. This applies to both bar and guests of the capital city. The violators will be applied the sanctions in accordance with Chinese national legislation.

the Epicenter of the spread of coronavirus was the market of Wuhan. This town is practically in the center of China. An outbreak occurred in December 2019. Since that time the virus was released outside of China. Cases of infection identified in 24 countries, including in Russia. Both cases were recorded in Russia arrived in China. The disease is passed in the form of light. The victims of the coronavirus in China were 1488 people, almost 7 thousand people have recovered. Infected causing the pneumonia virus was almost 64 thousand people.

the forecast of the world health organization disappointing: two thirds of the inhabitants of the Earth can become infected with coronavirus. Adviser to who the Ira Longini said that according to the model of the spread of coronavirus infected infects each of two or three people. Even if we reduce this figure in half, a new type of coronavirus infected the third part of the inhabitants of the Earth.

the Federal air transport Agency 14 February banned all Charter flights to China. The Ministry of transport has proposed that the airlines 1.6 billion rubles for compensation for cancellation of flights to China. Only “Aeroflot” continues flights on routes between Moscow Sheremetyevo airport and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.