Many of Basel’s motorists would emigrate loved one. Are you annoyed green and blue on the transport policy of the left-green government. The relentless reduction of Parking, sells, trades and businesses from the downtown to nearby Basel area. And traffic restrictions in the city centre are not only for those unfamiliar, a Horror.

This week escalated to a dispute and Trouble about constantly new restrictions: Now even intentional traffic jams to calm the traffic. Seven traffic signal systems will be upgraded to a longer red light phase for 1.2 million Swiss francs – to allow commuters on the main roads only to get dosed to the centre. The jam moves back into the surrounding communities.

Not only the affected neighborhoods to fight back loudly. Protests come from all sides: The System is too expensive and a Flop.

Perhaps the Basel traffic should call planner time your colleagues in a different city (area code 044), to learn how to regulate the traffic noiseless.

In Zurich is put into practice, the congestion control using red light for decades, says the local city police. Without Any Discussion. And successfully … l