In Baku held a demonstration on the background of aggravation of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. According to media reports, July 14, part of the protesters managed to break into the building of the local Parliament.

As pointed out by the portal Oxu.Az, released on an unauthorized rally in support of Azerbaijani army residents chanted: “Martyrs are immortal, Motherland is indivisible,” “Karabakh” and “Freedom to Karabakh”.

Thousands of young people with country flags, walked to the side of the “Alley of martyrs”. Similar rallies were also held in other cities of Azerbaijan.

According to the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the protesters tried to break into the Parliament building in Baku and the police used water cannons to disperse them.

In Telegram-channel information portal “Инфотека24” wrote that the breakthrough attempt was successful and the protesters entered the Parliament building. The channel has published a video in which protesters are seen inside the building, as well as law enforcement officers, included inside.

On the other video channel shows how the police used water cannons during the protests.

Clashes on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan continued from June 12, both countries suffered losses.

The Kremlin has expressed deep concern over the current conflict and called on the parties to show restraint.