In Austria, dazzled the world's tallest snowman for 60 thousand Euro

In Austria, dazzled the world’s tallest snowman, which was in the Guinness Book of records. Rise of the snow giant has made 38,04 meters.

the Austrian snowman even got my name Rizi. It is located in the ski resort Riesneralm. At its creation the initiators spent about 60 thousand euros, and about 800 tons of snow. To blind highest snowman, it took almost forty days. They built a giant hand, and with the help of two snow cannons, excavator and crane.

Snowman is not quite the usual form. The head of the statue is decorated with a six-meter metal cylinder filled with snow. About the snowman on his page on Twitter wrote journalist from Germany Jeanne Perego.

the Previous record belonged to the snowman from the USA, who dazzled in 2008. His height was 37,21 meters.

In 2016, China has built 34-foot snowman. At its creation took 120 thousand cubic meters of snow.