The Austrian authorities abolished in may 1, the regime of restrictions for leaving the house, which was introduced March 16 to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. The population is now prescribed until June 30 to keep your distance from others in public places in the one meter, not to gather in the streets in groups of more than 10 people to wear protective masks in public places indoors. Holding of mass events is still prohibited, according to a published Thursday decree of the Ministry of social Affairs, health and consumer protection of Austria.

Austria at the first stage of mitigating measures as of April 14, opened small shops, construction and horticultural markets with a condition of the simultaneous presence of a limited number of buyers. In the second stage open large stores and enterprises of sphere of services: hairdressers, tailors, massage salons and so on. True, they earn only on may 2, because may 1 in Austria – a day and a public holiday on the occasion of labor Day. In addition, it is now permitted to engage the individual noncontact sports outdoors.

As noted by the Minister of internal Affairs of Austria Karl Nehammer may 1 in the country "is terminated, the restrictions regarding exit". "security Measures are now reduced to a minimum to allow you to restore freedom of movement," he said.

Mode isolation acted in Austria until the end of April. To go outside of the house was only possible in four cases: emergency work, for groceries or to the pharmacy to help needy people on a walk. During this time, the authorities ordered the inhabitants to wear protective masks in shops, public transport and to stay away from strangers. These sanitary provisions will continue in effect for the entire period of the pandemic.

of the Situation in health care

The Ministry of health of Austria in mid-April noted a significant slowdown in the number of people infected with coronavirus with the rapid increase in the number recovered. The Austrian population from the beginning of the restrictions showed discipline and carefully followed the instructions of the authorities. Health authorities as a result recorded that the growth of new infected decreased below the level of 100 persons per day: from 40% in March to 1% in April. As of 30 April, in the country from 15 452 cases 12 907 recovered, 584 died.

According to the Minister of health Rudolf Unsober, to proceed to the second stage of the lifting of restrictions in may, became possible because the morbidity rates continued to decline after the April stage of indulgences. However, the Minister warned that the crisis is due to the coronavirus has not yet ended. In the future, people need to exercise caution and measures g��hyenas. The government may, if necessary, renew the restrictions, but the development of the situation allows Austria to rely on their gradual abolition.

of What next?

Now in Austria, abolished the mass, sporting events, educational institutions are translated into remote mode, closed, cultural facilities, hotels, restaurants.

From may 4 to classes in schools will be able to gradually return students. First classes back high school students, and from may 15 in the absence of growth of infected primary and secondary classes. May 29 will resume their studies the students of vocational schools. Classes should be divided into two groups to comply with sanitary-hygienic norms, it is expected the introduction of shift learning.

On may 15, the third stage – the opening of restaurants, cafes and bars. Their working hours will be limited from 06:00 to 23:00. Guests will need to book in advance, keep your distance from strangers, the tables must be placed at a distance from each other, and the staff will be obliged to wear medical masks. May 29 can be opened hotels and other accommodation facilities guests.

In addition, from mid-may will see the opening of museums, galleries, libraries, archives, exhibitions. Reading halls and cinemas are closed until September. The holding of major cultural events and music festivals is prohibited until August 31.