A terrifying event unfolds for a young mother in Australia. A stranger steals her car, in which her four-month-old baby is also sitting. After a search of around two and a half hours, the car was found. The infant remains unharmed.

Moment of shock in Australia: A man stole a car with a four-month-old baby on board on Monday morning (local time). The mother went into a shop in Emzig, a suburb of Adelaide, and then saw to her horror how a thief drove away with her car and her child, Australian media reported.

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The police released photos of the suspect captured on surveillance cameras and launched a full-scale manhunt. After two and a half hours of feverish searching, the happy ending came: the vehicle was discovered in nearby Enfield with the baby in the back seat.

The child appears to be doing well, but should still be examined at a hospital, according to broadcaster ABC. The culprit was still being sought.

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