the Operator of railway passenger traffic in the Crimea, the company “Grand Service Express” runs the new trains, which from August will connect the capital of the Crimea with Adler and Rostov-on-don. This was reported by press service of the company.

From Simferopol every three days will come out of the train, which will be cars and to Adler, and to Rostov-on-don. At the station “Turnpike 9-mile” train from Simferopol will stop, and the passenger train transformerait in two, one of which will continue to follow in Adler, and the other will go to Rostov-on-don.

– Now the distance between the southern cities began to overcome even easier and more comfortable, – said General Director of the transport company Alexander Ganov. – New night trains from Simferopol to Rostov-on-don and Adler will allow for ease of travel along the black sea coast and make available the infrastructure of the Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don for the inhabitants of the Peninsula.

the First part dvuhromovo train Tavriya No. 315/316 Simferopol – Adler from the compartment and second-class carriages will depart on 11 August at 19 hours and 10 minutes from the station and will arrive at Adler the next day in 16 hours 42 minutes, and in Rostov-on-don – in 11 hours 56 minutes.

Train No. 315/316 Simferopol – Adler will proceed through Krasnodar, Hot Key, Tuapse, Lazarevskoye and Sochi. Journey time is 19 hours.

Train No. 415/416 message Simferopol – Rostov-on-don will run through the station Starominskaya Timashevskaya and total travel time from Simferopol to the station Rostov-Main will be 15 hours.

Tickets for the new destinations will be posted in offices and on the website of the company until the end of the week. Trains Tavriya Simferopol has been linked with Moscow, Kislovodsk, Vologda, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Sevastopol from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also trains depart from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov to Evpatoria.