August 24, come into force amendments to the law on insurance, by which insurers have the opportunity to appoint the tariff individually for each driver. Simultaneously enters into force the indication Central Bank, expanding the tariff corridor, and reviewed factors, including the age-experience. For experienced drivers over the age of 59 years insurance cheaper.

Now, the insurer assigns a rate for the whole region. And what a Scorcher that a careful driver pays the same depending on the emergency situation in the region. After August 24, everyone will be responsible to pay for myself. If a person violates the rules, the insurer shall appoint him at a higher bracket rate. If the driver is careful, the insurer reduces his rate for. And neat the driver received the maximum discount, and risky – as covered their risks, expanding the tariff corridor.

But insurers should clearly state on their websites what factors they put in the fare calculation. All of these factors must be supported by actuarial calculations showing that they do affect the accident rate. One of them is a number of gross violations. However, it only considers violations that are identified on the roads directly by the inspectors, traffic police. Violations detected by the cameras auto-commit on the size of the tariff will not be affected.

From August 1 begins the annual adjustment of pensions to working pensioners. There are about 14-15 million people. If a pensioner continues working, his salary is withheld insurance pension contributions. Therefore, his pension should be regularly growing with the funds received. Annual pension may be increased by not more than three pension points. Last year, the cost score was 87,24 of the ruble, the maximum increase in pension was 261,72 of the ruble. This year the pension point is worth 93 rubles, the maximum increase will amount to 279 rubles.

August 3, prohibits anonymous electronic wallets. So, clients “Yandex.Money”, QIWI, WebMoney, PayPal, VK Pay and other services that provide anonymous wallets, can make money only through a Bank account rather than in cash through an electronic payment terminals.

Anonymous e-wallet replenishment is forbidden to counter money laundering and financing of terrorism. Add funds to your wallet through a Bank account will automatically mean that the user has been identified and what is known of the origin of the money on this wallet. Thus, if a user is suspected of fulfilment of illegal operations, his account will be blocked.

From 1 April, the Russian banks are obliged to inform tax authoritym the presence of the money from customers and movement in the accounts, which are linked to e-wallets.

the deadline for the submission of declarations on the income, expenses, assets and liabilities of civil servants and other people who are obliged to report such information about themselves and their family, this year will expire on August 1 (the deadline was shifted due to pandemic). Now all information must be submitted via the program “help BC”. If the Declaration for the accounting 2019 to August 1, inclusive, are not represented, then such person shall be subject to dismissal (the dismissal) in connection with loss of trust, warned the Ministry of labor.

From August 13 to every employee of the liquidated organizations, the former employer must pay the average salary within three months after termination of employment.

Amendments to the Labour code provide that all payments to employees must be made before the completion of the liquidation of the organization, says the Ministry of labor. Payments can continue for three months. During this period, they will not receive unemployment benefits, but then, if you can’t find a new job and get the status of unemployed, they get unemployment benefits. At the same time the payment from the employer and unemployment benefits are not made.

individuals owning trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes (category N3) of the ecological class 4 or higher, must equip their vehicles with tachographs by August 31. Tachographs need to control the behavior of the driver, to avoid overtime hours, and excess of speed. It is thus possible to reduce the number of accidents.

Equipped with tachographs trucks in stages, so the carriers had to buy equipment and there were no queues in the workshops, explained earlier in the Ministry of transport. Until March 1 this year, individuals had to install tachographs on lorries weighing more than 12 tonnes, the ecological class of which is not determined by June 1 on the same truck eco class 3 or below. Now turn to the more modern heavy trucks.

From August 5 foreign full-time students will be able to legally earn money in your spare time. To conclude labor or civil contract with them will be possible without special permits and patents for work. You will only need a certificate from the Institute or College confirming the fact of training of a foreigner in Russia. Immediately after termination of the training contract should be terminated.

to Reset 10 years of income tax going to the Federal budget, and reduce the portion allocated to the regional budgets, can Aug residents of the Arctic zone. They can be organizations or individual businessmen are ready to invest in the region at least 1 million rubles. This status will also allow them to reimburse part of expenses for payment with��rahovich contributions to the state extra-budgetary funds and the cost of payment of the coupon income on bonds issued under the realization of investment projects.

in addition, the zero VAT for services of the icebreaker fleet and transport, engaged in the export of goods for export. Also from 2021 to 2032 in the new areas of mineral resources in the Arctic region introduced a tax deduction of mineral extraction tax (not more than 50%) on the extraction of some raw materials: oil shale, peat, commodity ores, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic raw materials, diamonds and other things. Coal and hydrocarbons under this tax deduction does not fall.

Until August 15, inclusive business can apply for a grant in the amount of 15 thousand rubles and more 6.5 thousand rubles for each employee (based on the number of may 2020) for prevention COVID-19. This money partly covers the cost of purchasing medical masks, gloves, thermometers, disinfectants taking into account the recommendations of the CPS. The subsidy is available to small and medium entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality, consumer services, public catering, sports and additional education, as well as socially oriented nonprofit organizations (SONKO). These employ 1.8 million people. Applications are submitted by mail via personal Cabinet of the taxpayer or on the website of the FTS of Russia. Among the requirements – the arrears of taxes and insurance contributions were not to exceed 3 thousand rubles on June 1.