Disproportionate or lawful? The family of 15-year-old “Fridays for future” activist Janika Pondorf and the Augsburg police are arguing about this question. Reason: A raid on the teenager’s nursery in 2020, which is now causing a stir. At that time, the police were looking for chalk – and moved in with the state security service at seven in the morning. The girl was “half-naked” in bed, as reported by “BR”.

The police then searched the house for hours, the girl was also frisked and taken alone to a police car. Janika to “BR”: “The neighbors stood at the window and stared,” she was ashamed.

What bothers the girl the most: Greenpeace Augsburg had already acknowledged the chalk scribblings on the day itself – and Janika is not a member there. And: The slogans (“Do you need that?”, “Buy nothing”) were written with washable chalk.

The reason for the slogans was Black Friday 2019. On the night of this day, i.e. on November 29th, Greenpeace had done the chalk deed. A day later, Janika went to a climate demo. She was already involved with Fridays for Future back then.

A plainclothes police officer approached her at the demo and asked if she had anything to do with the chalk spraying. When she says no, the policeman takes her personal details and photographs her.

Almost half a year later, state security stormed into her children’s room – looking for this spray chalk. “A surveillance camera apparently recorded the spraying. It is said to have featured a girl who was about the same size as me. And she was probably wearing a jacket similar to the one I wore at the demo,” she tells BR.

Her mother tells the broadcaster: “During the house search, I told the police that my daughter was at home at the time of the crime. And then I was told that what I said meant nothing anyway.”

The public prosecutor’s office defended the procedure. The district court approved the search. The fact that Janika is not part of Greenpeace is no reason to doubt the perpetrators.

The graffiti had “a political motivation”, says the police, which is why state security was active. However, nothing was found. The case against Janika was dropped. Nevertheless, the girl has been receiving psychological treatment since the incident, and the raid has left its mark. That’s why she only made the incident public now.

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