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Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze has described the situation in the tourist market in the epidemic of the coronavirus, unprecedented, reports “Interfax”.

“It affects all types of industry, all categories of consumers – from children to business tourism. All areas of the industry – hospitality, transport, tourism. In a more or less stable situation – the only online aggregators and booking systems, as they are not referred to the recommendations of Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor”, – she told reporters.

As reminded Lomidze, is the current recommendation of Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor that is not recommended travel agencies to sell tours to Italy, South Korea and Iran, as well as in China.

“the validity of the recommendations are not marked. In parallel there is an active and even aggressive informing the consumer about what is a coronavirus, in my opinion, insufficiently reasoned,” added Executive Director of the ATOR.

Consumers, she said, is divided into three main categories. “First listens carefully to all that is in the information field, and does not want to go anywhere, cancel the booked trips, and this applies not only to these areas. The tourists don’t want to cancel and is going to go. And there are those who say that he is not afraid to go, but is afraid of quarantine measures, which can be reached during the trip,” – said Lomidze.

But the outcome in a given situation – tourism industry will suffer losses of billions of dollars, an expert has warned.

“the Novelty of this situation is that all the previous crises were internal history. Now this covers the tourism industry in many countries… we got 27 billion across the market, it’s all the payments and potential payments that are requested. Due to the fact that partners do not seek Tranat the money and are not ready to postpone at least for may, the money to burn,” – said the Executive Director of ATOR.

Lomidze also warned that up to 30% of small and medium-sized travel agencies in Russia can withdraw from the market because of the coronavirus, especially in the regions who worked as tour operators, and as travel agents.

In late February, the Association sent an open letter to the government, which was asked to call the validity of the ban on the sale of tours to Italy and other countries, which revealed a significant number of people infected with coronavirus.