As RIA Novosti reported, taste of watermelon, according to breeders, is not affected: it remains sweet and juicy. The white watermelon has a taste of vanilla and almonds.

According to the Director selektsionno-seed-growing company Artem Sokolov, watermelons safe for pregnant women and Allergy sufferers, as they do not contain natural dyes.

the Breeder said that there are watermelons with white flesh, but there is no evidence as to whether it was edible.

to grow white watermelon, Astrakhan specialists took 15 years. To achieve the sweet and unique taste, they crossed more than a thousand varieties.

However, to try white watermelons this season, the buyers will not succeed. It is expected that state registration, they will receive only the beginning of the next year, and by the summer will hit the shelves of stores.