In Astrakhan, came up with cheap bus metro

the Project has attracted interest from a regional branch of the Volga railroad. And they are willing to implement this idea.

Photo: Vladimir Vinogradov/ iStock Volunteers made a rating of regions on transport

According to Andrei, the idea of creating so-called “Astrakhan ring” came to him when he was on vacation in Moscow. At this time in the capital was opened in Moscow Central diameters that are called the Skytrain – a system of lines zheldortransport, based on existing railway infrastructure. Andrew came up with the idea to organize something similar in his hometown.

the map of the area, he considered that the railway line round the town along the borders of densely populated neighborhoods, forming a closed line is a kind of “ring”. It departs from several branches in the districts of the region, there is even a preserved passenger station. But now here walk mostly freight trains.

Andrew took to elaborate the idea of creating passenger routes to schedules and work drivers. “On these routes I suggested to put rail buses: they are smaller than trains and run on diesel, which is cheaper, offers Andrew. – They will go with an interval 15 minutes. And conventional buses can be planned so that they drove people to the stations.”

Photo: Maxim Korotchenko Why in Astrakhan trucks were forbidden to enter the city a day

Now, according to the inventor, passenger traffic in Astrakhan is mainly organized through private “routeOK”, which do not follow the safety, ride, not respecting the schedule. And can’t accommodate all passengers during peak hours.

Andrew organized a vote on the Internet. About 80 percent of survey participants said that would travel on rail bus if the station is a ten minute walk from the residence, school or work.

the Railroad does not exclude that the project can become a full-fledged city route by cooperation with the municipality for the organization of complex systems by passenger traffic.

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