“Azerbaijanis tried unsuccessfully to use the element of surprise, losing people and money. Their goals are not achieved,” – said the newspaper VIEW the Yerevan political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan, commenting on the ongoing clashes on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“the situation on the border is quite large, but still local collision between the two villages. The first is called Movses, the second – Chinar. Between them is the Azerbaijani point of quite often these villages were fired”, – said the Director of Caucasus Institute (Yerevan) Alexander Iskandaryan.

“There was an attempt to attack infantry, but the Armenians rescued her. Also used tanks and artillery. During the attack killed three Azerbaijani soldiers. Wounded, according to various estimates, 5-6 people. From the Armenian side killed was not”, – he added.

Azerbaijan launched a surgical strike on Armenia

Speaking of the relationship between military forces, the expert noted that “in contrast to the region of Nagorny Karabakh, the border is equipped to a lesser degree.” “This is an internationally recognized land borders, because of serious fortifications there,” – said the expert.

“Azerbaijanis in this case tried to use the element of surprise, but they lost men and money. And if they wanted to take some height in the area of their goals they have reached,” added the analyst.

At the same time, the spokesman said that the next strategic pipelines of Azerbaijan are unlikely to be affected by the military. “Technically, these objects you can hit, but politically it is a completely different level of confrontation,” Iskandaryan underscored.

The conflict, according to experts, is likely to be fleeting. “I think this situation is soon to fade. But how many hours or days it will last – it is difficult to say,” concluded Iskandaryan.

We will remind, on Sunday around noon on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, an armed clash killed three soldiers of the Azerbaijani armed forces and five others were injured.

On Monday, the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan said about the mortar shelling of the village on the border with Armenia. In the Armenian defense Ministry denied this information.