In an old issue of

social media Users found “prediction” the situation with the quarantine due to coronavirus in one of the editions of the “Town” with Ilya Oleynikov and Yury Stoyanov.

the plot of comic sketches, taken before 2012, the employee of traffic police stops on the road, the car and informs the driver that could not go further as the village has been quarantined because of a virus.

“My militia protects me! Ilya Oleynikov and Yury Stoyanov… great actors! It was shot during the life of Elias, he died in 2012, and the virus is… alive!” — wrote on his page in Instagram actress angelina Vovk, published a fragment from the program “Town”.

Commenting on this post, many users have noted that the very passage we remind you the current situation in the different countries of the world.

According to the latest world health organization, coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide has infected more than 164 thousand people, more than 6.4 thousands of cases died.

because of the threat of the spread of the disease, many countries have taken various restrictive measures, in particular, closed borders and suspended transport.