In Alaska the bus from the movie Into the wild found tourist

MOSCOW, April 17 — RIA Novosti. In Alaska was saved by a Brazilian tourist who made a pilgrimage to an abandoned bus made famous by the book and movie “Into the wild”, reports The Star.

the Brazilian had spotted the helicopter, he was in a remote location outside Denali national Park.

the Soldiers identified the traveler as 26-year-old Gabriel Dias Da Silva.

According to the military state of Alaska, this tourist was one of the hundreds of visitors who went Hiking to the place where he lived Christopher McCandless, who died in 1992 from starvation.

Abandoned, rusty bus that McCandless used as his last camp, became a kind of Shrine for fans of the book by John Krakauer and the film of 2007, based on her motives.

According to the traveler, he was able to cross the river Teklanika, but when I tried to return, the weather conditions worsened.

the Experts explained that when he moved her about a week ago, ice was in place, and now the river is open.

Dias Da Silva is not the only one who had to be rescued from the bus. In February was evacuated five Italian tourists, one of whom has frostbite to his feet.

Last summer during a river crossing after a visit to the bus killed the guest from Belarus. In 2010, Teklanika drowned tourist from Switzerland.